Promise Day 2023

Hi-Ness Public School

Embracing Patriotism: Amrit Kalash Program at our school.

Experience the essence of unity and devotion as we share the cherished moments from our recent 'Amrit Kalash' program held at our school. During this heartfelt event, students and faculty came together to symbolize their commitment to the upliftment of our beloved nation, India. The 'Amrit Kalash' was filled with sacred mud, signifying our pledge to contribute towards the betterment of our country.

Our photo gallery encapsulates the spirit of patriotism and collective responsibility, featuring poignant moments of reflection, unity, and determination. Each image serves as a reminder of our shared aspirations and the power of individual and collective action in shaping a brighter future for our nation.


Admissions are now open for the upcoming academic year. Join our inclusive and nurturing learning community, where academic excellence, character development, and holistic growth are at the forefront of everything we do.

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