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We look forward to welcoming you to Hi-Ness Public School!


Unlock Your Child's Potential at Hi-Ness Public Schoo

We are thrilled to announce that admissions are now open for the upcoming academic year at Hi-Ness Public School. As a leading institution committed to academic excellence and holistic development, we invite aspiring students and their families to join our vibrant community.

Whether your child is just beginning their educational journey or seeking a new academic challenge, we welcome students of all backgrounds and abilities to become part of our diverse and inclusive school community.

Don’t miss this opportunity to give your child the gift of an exceptional education at Hi-Ness Public School. Apply now and embark on a journey of learning, growth, and discovery with us.

For more information about our admission process and to apply online, visit our website or contact our admissions office today.

Explore Endless Possibilities

Discover a world of opportunities where academic excellence meets holistic development.


Our supportive community fosters creativity, critical thinking, and a love for learning.


Experience top-notch facilities and resources designed to enhance the learning journey.

Enriching Extracurricular Activities

From sports to arts, our diverse extracurricular programs inspire students to explore their passions.


Our dynamic curriculum prepares students for the challenges of tomorrow through hands-on learning and real-world experiences.


Join a diverse and inclusive community where every child is valued, respected, and celebrated.

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442, Hi-Ness Campus, Meerut Hapur By-pass (Bijli Bamba) Near Railway Crossing, Lisari Meerut City

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